Video Editing on Linux: Avidemux for Rotating Videos, Pitivi for Everthing Else

I have been on a quest for a long time to find a video editor for  my OpenSuse Linux Distro, and at long last I found two tools which work excellent for my… Continue reading

Creating a Red Sphere in Blender with Python

Motivation: In order to do any of the following: 3D-printing Video Game Design Molecular Modeling 3D Molecular simulations You might want to learn a 3D modeling software.  Money being always of scarce supply… Continue reading

Comparison of A Couple Smart Phones

This post is here just so that I can let people know that comparing T-Mobile and Verizon, and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Verizon’s Droid MAXX HD.   The specific phone I am switching… Continue reading

LED Necklace

A Bright and Shiny Present: I am terrible with giving birthday gifts, so today I really wanted to make a really good one as a step in a new direction. I thought she… Continue reading

Open data sources

I do some data analysis in my spare time, and it seems that there us ever more open data available for public mining. Just read in Linux Journal that NASA is placing their… Continue reading

Diffraction Spectrometer

This morning before a physics tutoring session on optics, I had a few minutes to make a spectrometer for the session. This spectrometer acts a lot like a prism by separating the light… Continue reading

Automated Gardening: Drip Irrigation System 2

An inexpensive alternative In the previous post (Automated Gardening: Drip Irrigation System) ,  I had thought there was a huge initial capital investment for the tubing; however, turns out regular drip tubing is… Continue reading

Fire Jar

Just in case you can’t hear me either, I placed some 70% isopropyl alcohol in a glass jar, capped it, and then after a minute tossed some fire inside.   This made a… Continue reading

Universal gripper part 2

I have looked up more tutorials for the universal gripper and it seems that Sparkfun had demoed one successfully with a funnel in place of a showerhead. I purchased a few funnels from… Continue reading

Automated Gardening: Drip Irrigation System

It would seem that there is a large unexpected monetary barrier to organic indoor drip-irrigation-gardening: I need 3/4 inch ID Tygon tubing (a culinary grade tubing)  for my 12V 350GPH submersible pump; however,… Continue reading