Automated Gardening: Drip Irrigation System

It would seem that there is a large unexpected monetary barrier to organic indoor drip-irrigation-gardening: I need 3/4 inch ID Tygon tubing (a culinary grade tubing)  for my 12V 350GPH submersible pump; however, it is about half a grand per 50ft (smallest order I could find in my 1.5 hrs of googling).

So after I get a steady job, I think I’ll definitely start this project.

The parts list is as follows:

  1. Mylar grow tent — check
  2. LED indoor grow light (about 75 watts) –check
  3. Outlet Timer — check
  4. Soil dryness sensor — around 11 dollars for a “Thirsty plant” sensor
  5. Arduino — check
  6. Solid State Relay — check
  7. 12V Submersible Pump — check
  8. bucket of tap water — check
  9. Tygon Tubing (with holes for drip-irrigation)  — about 500 dollars per 50ft
  10. Air Filter (to mitigate fungus spores, airborne chemicals, and to help circulate air) — check
  11. AND plants of course