Comparison of A Couple Smart Phones

This post is here just so that I can let people know that comparing T-Mobile and Verizon, and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Verizon’s Droid MAXX HD.

Picture of the Droid MAXX HD


The specific phone I am switching from is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I switched to the Verizon Droid MAXX HD.


Verizon appears to have an order of magnitude better mobile broadband than T-mobile. When I am on the clock during tutoring, this faster internet connection reduces a lot of frustration when loading related youtube videos.

Global Compatibility

The reason I went for T-mobile before was the GSM compatibility (i.e. if I travelled I would be able to use it in many other countries).

Verizon fixed their shortcoming on this as well, which makes me very happy.

Camera and Durability

The most frustrating thing about my previous smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) was its sensitivity to humidity.  During humid days, I noticed that the camera was prone to failure, and I would need to try to restart the phone over and again to regain the feature.  So far so good with the Droid MAXX, as it seems to have worked flawlessly during the intermittent rains here in the Bay Area.

The shop boasted this phone’s water resistance and Kevlar housing, so hopefully it will prove more reliable on this end as well.