Video Editing on Linux: Avidemux for Rotating Videos, Pitivi for Everthing Else

I have been on a quest for a long time to find a video editor for  my OpenSuse Linux Distro, and at long last I found two tools which work excellent for my projects!

Basically I use the following two:

  • Avidemux — Rotation of Cell Phone Videos and Basic Effects
  • Pitivi — Everything Else : )

Below is a link to the tutorial I used for Avidemux rotation of videos:


Before 90 Degree Rotation


After 90 Degree Rotation

Pitivi appears to be really stable for my purposes and I was able to convert video into .mov format for my work just this morning.  At the moment I prefer it to version of Kdenlive for editing a video for Kaiser Permanente last yeat; however, it may have gotten better since the last time I used it.

Expect better editing on the videos to come!