Hardware Automation Project

Imagine that instead of training a robot via code, you could instead teach a robot by example. I have long wondered if we could bring robotic technology like this¬†towards a household helper. Another… Continue reading

Journal Post 1

Learning Curve and Fast Conditioning Applied for EECS: I think that adding arts & crafts elements to my lesson plan may add the orthogonal dimension my class needs to really expand the imagination… Continue reading

MMA Project; Real Time Spectrograms; Mic-Input Jack Oscilloscope

I really hope to start posting/reading about projects. The project I am working on right now is a microphone data-logger. I recently discovered that a friend was interested in a spectrograph for studying… Continue reading

Indoor Garden

It is currently June 4th, making the last time I watered my plants 8 days ago. The energy used by my indoor light was about 8kW hours, so about(28,800,000 joules) . This amounts… Continue reading

Hello World/First Post

First blog post, just wanted to lay out some ideas of what I want this blog to be about.¬† I have some devices I want to demo, some music I am writing, and… Continue reading